Smart Home Solution

Our Smart Home solution provides Power Analytics, Video Monitoring and Storing, Intelligent Home Assistance, Appliance Control and Streaming Media Player. It is a complete system for your Smart Home. It can be integrated with Alexa and Google Home in the next release.

Cloud Architecture

Our Smart Home solution is offered in the cloud with easy installation.


Our Solution are affordable and easy to get started.

Mobile Enabled

Convert your Smart Phone into a Smart Home Controller


Cloud based Software and IoT devices with high scalability.

Intellectual Property

In-house designed and developed solutions. Our IP helps for a cost-effective solution


Support various features for Smart Home. We will be integrating many Channels going forward.

Our Products

Power Analytics

  • Know your energy usage real-time up-to the minute.
  • Monitor & Control power usage by appliance
  • Cost-Effective and easy to get started
  • Optimize your energy usage to drive savings
  • Monitor your energy usage anywhere in the world
  • Video Analytics

  • Video Surveillance to bring a peace of mind for home owners
  • Monitor your home anywhere in the world
  • Cloud & edge video storage to protect again sabotage
  • Flexible and easy to install
  • View your security video in your TV
  • Appliance Control

  • Monitor and Control your appliance like AC and Refrigerator using our IntelliGenie
  • Voice and Smart Phone activated Controls
  • Schedule your appliances for better performance and extended Life
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Intelligent Home Assistants

  • Voice Activated Office Intelligent Assistant for all your queries
  • To do list, Medication, daily schedule reminders
  • Personal Calendar and School Calendar for Kids
  • Homework Assistance for Children
  • Integration with various channels for your convenience
  • Streaming Media Player

  • Listen to Tamil/Hindi/Malayalam/Telugu Songs
  • Stream Video to your TV
  • Play recorded Video
  • Start streaming movies, TV shows and songs from Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, Gaana in the future
  • Voice and Smart Phone based controls
  • IntelliGenie..


    IntelliGenie is a smart device with inbuilt speakers, Wi-Fi, LAN, Music, Hard Disk and an IR sensor. It supports following features:

  • Power Analytics
  • Video Analytics
  • Appliance Control
  • Intelligent Home Assistant
  • Streaming Media Player
  • Power M


    PowerM is a non-intrusive way to monitor electrical switch board to get your energy reading and is Wi-Fi Enabled

  • Non-Intrusive Installation
  • Support Single and Three Phase
  • Upto minute level energy reading
  • Support Wi-Fi communication for integration with IntelliGenie
  • Streaming Media Player
  • Access your energy Usage anywhere in the world
  • Cost-Effective and easy to install
  • Power M Lite

    PowerM Lite comprises Wi-Fi, IR, Bluetooth to control your appliances like Air Conditioners.

  • Non-Intrusive Installation. Just Plug and Play
  • Controls ACs, TVs. Support for other appliances will be added in future.
  • Control all your appliance either thru Voice or Smart Phone
  • Support Wi-Fi communication for integration with IntelliGenie
  • Cost-Effective and easy to install
  • Control your Appliances from anywhere in the world.
  • How it Works?


    It can be integrate with Alexa

    Step1. Installation

    Easy to purchase. Easy to install. Either we can install or support your installation team.

    Step2. Configure

    Configure sensors, cameras, PowerM and PowerM Lite to interact with gateway IntelliGenie. Devices communicate with the IntelliGenie which in turns communicate with the cloud using Wi-Fi. Get it up and running quickly.

    Step3. Monitor and Control

    Complete view of your home. Ensure that your power consuming assets are monitored, controlled and scheduled in the system to obtain the energy savings. Videos are stored locally and in the cloud for redundancy and safe guard sabotage situations. Generate alerts and events for critical failures.

    Step4. Analytics

    Identify Anomalies to improve overall energy usage and security for your home.

    Download the app

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